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Traffic Sources

I just looked at my analytics and it looks like about 60% of people who come to this blog do so after searching for things like “blondie recipe” or “Reese’s cheesecake recipe.” For all those people, I hope you like the recipes, and I apologize for all the weird other stuff (jokes, boring academic stuff, […]
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Fake Movie Posters

A lot of fake movie posters are really lame. These ones are not. I like the time gap theme that’s going on. Example: …from Peter Stults at Behance Network.  
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Don’t change your printer’s toner when it tells you to

Two months ago my printer (an HP-2170W Laser Printer) told me it refused to print anymore pages. It told me I was out of toner and I had to replace the cartridge. But it was lying to me - there was plenty of toner left. In fact, since that time, I have printed hundreds and […]
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